Originally from France, Vanessa lived in Florida for several years before relocating to Peru, her father's country of origin. Prior to joining Austral Group, Vanessa worked for 5 years as Marketing Manager with the Department of Agriculture of Peru, promoting and advising small producers and SMEs from the Peruvian highlands and the jungle to integrate their products in to domestic and international markets. Before that, she was a Marketing Consultant for several companies and start-ups in Peru as well as the Embassy of Peru in France. Previously, Vanessa worked 3 years for the representative office of a British Asset Management firm in France, coordinating and targeting the marketing campaigns to the French market. Vanessa holds a B.S. in Marketing-Advertising and an MBA degrees, speaks English, Spanish, and French. Curious about learning from different cultures, Vanessa is passionate about traveling and the arts, loves to paint and to practice aerial silks.