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Customized Itinerary and Personal Attention.

We realize the importance of a unique and impactful international travel experience. That's why the Austral Group goes to great lengths to adapt your itinerary to the specific learning objectives of your group. Your students will learn firsthand about the opportunities and challenges of doing business on an international scale. We work in close collaboration with the university, professors and the students for months leading up to the trip to develop a customized itinerary based on the interests and experience of the group, and to organize meetings with companies and business leaders based on your specific preferences.

To assist in the learning process students have full access to our online library of business reviews, case studies, articles and reports on the political and economic climate in the region to be used to supplement the students' academic preparation for their international experience.


Go beyond classroom learning with an engaging on-the-ground, business-focused international study trip.

Through our local contacts and 15 years of experience, Austral Group provides direct access to prominent business executives and leading companies.

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The Austral Group specializes in creating opportunities for interaction with executives from multinational and domestic companies, renowned economists, government officials and entrepreneurs who are defining the business landscape around the globe.

Meetings with senior corporate officials from a variety of industries provide essential insight into common business practices in the region. We design each itinerary to include meetings with managers who provide students with real examples of international business practices with a focus on marketing, finance, international trade, economics, human resources, strategy and leadership - adding new dimensions to your students' concepts of international business.

We make a point of combining visits with leading domestic companies as well as successful multinational enterprises, knowing that this balanced exposure to new cultures, business practices and markets broadens students' perspectives.