Responses to the Venezuelan Migration Crisis: A Scorecard

Colombia’s Radical Plan to Welcome Millions of Venezuelan Migrants

The Diplomat: India's Missed Opportunity in Latin America

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Under the Modi government, India has almost entirely neglected Latin America and the Caribbean.

By Binay Prasad June 21, 2017 Even as India prepares to ...

Focus Economics: Economic Snapshot for Latin America

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Structural weaknesses are slowing the economic recovery

World Economic Forum: What are the top risks to doing business in Latin America?

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“Failure of national governance”, “unemployment” and “fiscal crises” – all prominently cited as risks by Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) business executives. As in previous years, the Global Risks Report 2017

Merco Press: Maduro asks United Nations to help with supplies of medicines

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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has asked for help from the United Nations to boost the country's supplies of medicines. Maduro said the UN had the expertis...

CNBC: Venezuela's socialist leaders seize bakeries in 'bread war'

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By FABIOLA SANCHEZ, Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — For the past 25 years, after he immigrated penni...

Bloomberg View: How to Solve the Riddle of Venezuela's Economy

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By Mac Margolis

Forget Donald Trump. Long before the White House began trafficking in alternative facts, Venezuela's government had cornered the market in magical th...

Star Tribune: Venezuela, once South America's richest country, continues to spiral 30 Jan 2017

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The economy shrank by almost one-fifth, inflation is soaring and a revaluation of money looms. Every weekday morning, a line of several dozen ...

CNBC: Venezuela names new leaders at oil firm PDVSA to 'defeat corruption' 29 Jan 2017

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CARACAS, Jan 29 (Reuters) - Venezuela's president on Sunday created an executive vice president post and named new vice...