Interview: Ecuador seeks LNG-to-power project developers to support hydro-based energy economy

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By Abache Abreu

Houston — The government of Ecuador is aiming to issue an LNG tender by the end of October seeking offers from parties that are able to supply LNG, as well as a small-scale floating LNG te...

Ecuador fast-tracks data privacy law after massive breach

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By Gideon Long

Legislation rushed to Congress after personal details of 20m people exposed. Ecuador’s government has rushed a draft privacy law to Congress in response to a massive data breach that left the personal details of more than 20m ...

US News: Why Latin America Is Finally Getting Tough on Corruption

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As corruption scandals spread through Latin America, its new middle class is fighting back.

By Simeon Tegel | Contributor...

Skolkovo: Russian energy startups set sights on Latin America

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Traditionally, Russian business in Latin America may have revolved around two products – importing bananas and flowers – but as the governments of Mexico...

BBC: Ecuador poll: Governing party's Lenin Moreno leads vote

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Partial official results in Ecuador's presidential election have put governing party candidate Lenin Moreno in the lead.   With 88% of the votes counted, he has 39.10%, just short of the 40% needed to win o...