These Brazilian brands are reminding us we're all in this together

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By Mariana Blessa

Mariana Blessa, PR Leader - FutureBrand São Paulo looks at Brazilian brands who have caught our attention for doing the right thing at the right time

Following on from our series on brands we wanted to shine light on for bei...

13 best things to do in the Brazilian state of São Paulo

By Kevin Raub

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(CNN) — The biggest city in Brazil justifiably hogs the superlatives -- the biggest this! The most that! The tallest this! T...

How Brazil can develop its rural economy, increase agricultural production and protect forests

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By B. Pietracci

The recent fires in the Amazon rainforest have raised the question: is it possible to have a new model of development in the region that reconciles forest protection with economic growth?

The pressing threats ...

Favela entrepreneurs are using social media to boost tourism. Here's how

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By: Josiane Fernandes


Local residents unhappy with the established “safari” model of favela tourism are creating a novel and vibrant market for walking tours in neighbourhoods like Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro. So...

Nubank is now worth $4 billion after Tencent’s $180 million investment

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By: Jonathan Shieber

Nubank, the Brazilian financial services company, has raised $180 million from the Chinese internet giant, Tencent.

Tencent has long been interested in financial services startups, and with its $90 million direct i...

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