Argentina election: Centre-left Alberto Fernández wins presidency

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Centre-left opposition candidate Alberto Fernández has been elected president of Argentina in a vote dominated by economic concerns.

Mr Fernández secured more than the 45% of the vote needed to win, beating conservative incumbent Mauricio Macri.

Raucous cr...

An Argentinian company is creating cold-resistant 'super bees' to fight a drastic population decline which threatens global farming

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By: Sophia Ankel Welt

In an effort to save crops amidst a drastic decline in bee populations, a startup in Argentina is producing a nutrient-packed formula that is fed to the pollinators once a week to turn them into "super bees". ...

Amazon Web Services planning to build data centre in Argentina

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By Jorgelina do Rosario & Spencer Soper


The cloud-computing ...

Argentina's markets, caged by controls, strain beneath the surface

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By Gabriel Burin

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina’s volatile markets look to have been tamed by capital controls imposed by President Mauricio Macri after a sharp sell-off in August. Beneath the surface, however, signs suggest trouble is b...

Argentina, Turkey wade into tough GEO manufacturing market with joint venture

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By Caleb Henry

PARIS — Satellite manufacturers globally have struggled to keep their factories full amid a prolonged lull in geostationary communications satellite orders.

That hasn’t stopped Argentina and Turkey from standing up a new company that aims to...

Argentina Introduces Currency Controls Amid Deepening Debt Crisis

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By: Carlie Porterfield

Topline: Argentina, South America’s third-largest economy, has imposed currency controls in a move meant to tackle the economic crisis that has spiralled since elections last month. Busines...

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