Spain is moving to establish permanent basic income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

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By Joseph Zeballos-Roig

Spain is moving to implement a permanent basic income as a measure to help workers and families battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nadia Calviño, the country's minister for economic affairs,

LatAm companies spot opportunity for redemption in pandemic

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By Bryan Harris and Andres Schipani in São Paulo and Jude Webber in Mexico City

Some of Latin America’s largest companies including Vale and Grupo México have pledged hefty donations to help in the fight against coronavirus, leading to criticism from analysts that controversy-prone groups have sp...

Yes, We Will Travel Again—Here’s How and When to Plan Your Next Trip

Latin America’s Coming Techlash

Mexico City — Latin America’s Future Tech Hub?

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By Beth Jensen

A new wave of entrepreneurs are launching in North America’s most populous city

With a population of 12 million people — over 21 million if you include the entire metropolitan region — Mexico City is both its nation’s capi...

Why Hiring Migrants Is Good Business in Latin America

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By Manuela Andreoni

Amid record migration, the private sector  has a role – and it's a profitable one.

This article is adapted from AQ's special report on migration


Challenges To Business Growth In Latin America And How To Overcome Them

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By Craig Dempsey

Latin America is a region of opportunity, diversity and richness. The region touts several

How Fintechs Can Build Trust with SMEs in Latin America

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By Andrés Abumohor

Small businesses in emerging economies are notoriously underfinanced. Despite making up over 99.5% of the economy in Latin America, SMEs face a financing gap in the tri...

These Brazilian brands are reminding us we're all in this together

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By Mariana Blessa

Mariana Blessa, PR Leader - FutureBrand São Paulo looks at Brazilian brands who have caught our attention for doing the right thing at the right time

Following on from our series on brands we wanted to shine light on for bei...

Reasons for optimism, during the Corona crisis