Unexpected travel incidents

Austral Group Response:

Lost passports, pickpockets, and sickness are an unfortunate component of international travel. Austral Group thoroughly trains our staff to help minimize travel incidents, and to respond quickly and professionally when they do occur. We take utmost care in the selection of our logistics partners and providers, and ensure that they clear our rigorous safety standards. With our entire team located in the region where we travel, we are always available to respond to minor and serious incidents as soon as they occur.

Client assessment:

Perhaps most impressive is Austral’s ability to respond quickly and professionally to the unexpected occurrences ranging from student flight delays, a minor injury to an over-exuberant student, early departures, etc. When we were promised 24/7 access to the Austral staff we were skeptical. However, they delivered on that promise.” 

~ Robert V. Sicina, Executive in Residence, American University