Al Dia: Latin American economy expected to grow in next two years

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  The International Monetary Fund estimates that Latin America and the Caribbean will grow 1 percent in...

Fx Street: Inflation continues to decline in South America, and has peaked in Mexico

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Financial markets in Latin America continued in an uneasy calm phase.The prices of Latin American assets continued to show gains, in a contex...

GLP: South America projected to overtake US in GMO soy production, accelerate corn output by 2026

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Brazil will outperform the United States as the world’s largest soy producer in the next decade, While the increa...

The Economist: Three South American countries hold over half the world’s lithium

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But they have not been equally adept at seizing the opportunity

LITHIUM is a coveted commodity. Lithium-ion batteries store energy that powers mobile phones, electric cars and electricity...

NRDC: Scaling up climate finance in Latin America

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The decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement was widely criticized around the world and raised speculation about how the Agreement’s goals, including targets related to climate finance would be met....

Democracia Abierta: Latin America: democracy beyond representation

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WZB (Berlin Social Science Center)-based Brazilian researcher Thamy Pogrebinschi talks to DemocraciaAbi...

US News: Why Latin America Is Finally Getting Tough on Corruption

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As corruption scandals spread through Latin America, its new middle class is fighting back.

By Simeon Tegel | Contributor...

BBC News: Puerto Rico votes in referendum to become US state

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The US territory of Puerto Rico has voted to ask Congress to make it America's 51st state.

More than 97% of voters favoured attempting to join the US over becoming independent or remaining a self-governing territory.

However, just 23...


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The construction of the European Extremely Large Telescope began in Chile and it’s set to be the world's largest optical telescope. The new Chilean device will be five times lar...

CNBC: Amazon eyes Patagonia data center as Chile expands fiber optic network

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SANTIAGO, June 6 (Reuters) - Chile is looking at expanding its undersea fiber optic network across the Pacific Ocean to China and south...