How Brazil can develop its rural economy, increase agricultural production and protect forests

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By B. Pietracci

The recent fires in the Amazon rainforest have raised the question: is it possible to have a new model of development in the region that reconciles forest protection with economic growth?

The pressing threats ...

Amazon Web Services planning to build data centre in Argentina

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By Jorgelina do Rosario & Spencer Soper


The cloud-computing ...

A local’s guide to Lima, Peru

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By Lucien O. Chauvin


Photos by Omar Lucas

Lima stretches out along the P...

Interview: Ecuador seeks LNG-to-power project developers to support hydro-based energy economy

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By Abache Abreu

Houston — The government of Ecuador is aiming to issue an LNG tender by the end of October seeking offers from parties that are able to supply LNG, as well as a small-scale floating LNG te...

Argentina's markets, caged by controls, strain beneath the surface

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By Gabriel Burin

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina’s volatile markets look to have been tamed by capital controls imposed by President Mauricio Macri after a sharp sell-off in August. Beneath the surface, however, signs suggest trouble is b...

GrainChain’s Smart Contracts Unite Honduras Coffee Business

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By Danny Nelson

Agro-focused blockchain platform GrainChain has brokered deals across the Honduran coffee supply chain to track the production and trade of beans over its smart contract system.

The launch, announced today, is starting with a 2 percent sliver of Honduras’ 7-million...

Argentina, Turkey wade into tough GEO manufacturing market with joint venture

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By Caleb Henry

PARIS — Satellite manufacturers globally have struggled to keep their factories full amid a prolonged lull in geostationary communications satellite orders.

That hasn’t stopped Argentina and Turkey from standing up a new company that aims to...

Ecuador fast-tracks data privacy law after massive breach

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By Gideon Long

Legislation rushed to Congress after personal details of 20m people exposed. Ecuador’s government has rushed a draft privacy law to Congress in response to a massive data breach that left the personal details of more than 20m ...

“Chile on Rails”: President launches biggest-ever rail investment programme

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By GR Staff

The president of Chile yesterday announced a $5bn railway investment plan, the largest in the country’s history.

President Sebastián Piñera said the “Chile on Rails” programme would include 25 projects to modernise and expand the network. The aim is to add 1,0...

Argentina Introduces Currency Controls Amid Deepening Debt Crisis

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By: Carlie Porterfield

Topline: Argentina, South America’s third-largest economy, has imposed currency controls in a move meant to tackle the economic crisis that has spiralled since elections last month. Busines...