BBC News: Puerto Rico votes in referendum to become US state

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The US territory of Puerto Rico has voted to ask Congress to make it America's 51st state.

More than 97% of voters favoured attempting to join the US over becoming independent or remaining a self-governing territory.

However, just 23...

NBC News: Chile: Judge Jails Over 100 Former Secret Police from Pinochet Dictatorship

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A judge in Chile ordered jail sentences for over 100 former secret police from Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship this week, the biggest mass ...

The Telegraph: Google launches in Cuba as first foreign internet company

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By Cara McGoogan 27 APRIL 2017  Google has become the first foreign internet company to launch a service in Cuba, raising hop...

IPS: Unemployment and the Informal Economy – Key Challenges for Women in Latin America

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By Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs

This op-ed article by José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, regional director of the Inter...

Huffington Post: What Is Behind Latin America’s Big Efficiency Gap?

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To understand this, we first need to “unpack” the causes of low efficiency.


The Economist: How Latin America deals with campaign finance

The Economist: Why Chileans dislike business leaders

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One of South America’s most modern countries resents its tight-knit elite

BBC: Late for work? It's no problem here 3 Feb 2015

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By Mark Johanson 3 February 2015 It was Hector Ruiz’s first day in a new job as country manager for American Airlines in Nicaragua and his new team had gathered round a candle-l...