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Brazil’s Unpredictable 2018 Election: An Update

Link to Original Article By Bret Rosen with Americas Quarterly

Here's a framework for understanding a race that is still wide-open.  

Seven months seems like an eternity in Brazil’s wild 2018 election, which appears to shift ground every few days – sometimes hou...

Violent crime in São Paulo has dropped dramatically. Is this why?

Link to Original ArticleBy Robert Muggah & Ilona Szabó with World Economic Forum

Latin America's largest city, São Paulo, was once among the region's most violent. But the bustling metropolis of over 12 million Paulistanos has experienced a remarkable decline...

Why do successful companies fail?

Link to Original ArticleBy Evodio Kaltenecker


Tea with Mussolini, a Franco Zefirelli´s film, describes a group of sophisticated English women that did not want to accept the deterioration of democracy in Italy in the years before the II World War. The behavior of the ladies that meet for tea every afternoon rese...

GLP: South America projected to overtake US in GMO soy production, accelerate corn output by 2026

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Brazil will outperform the United States as the world’s largest soy producer in the next decade, While the increa...

Easgle Tribune: Latin America has surplus of talent, shortage of innovation

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Amid the bloodshed in Venezuela, the corruption scandal in Brazil and the s...

The Diplomat: India's Missed Opportunity in Latin America

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Under the Modi government, India has almost entirely neglected Latin America and the Caribbean.

By Binay Prasad June 21, 2017 Even as India prepares to ...